DJ Leo RL Leo RL is passionate about deep, vibrant, contagious and classic sounds of salsa and bachata.

That’s how Leo RL describes himself. He is never afraid to play those classic jewels. Always in constant search for those lost songs and rhythms from 50’s, 60’, 70’s with one objective in mind: “Infuse the room with these classic sounds to make the crowd create magic moments on the dance floor.”

Leo RL started his salsa adventure in Edmonton, AB back in 2010. It was there that he found himself performing for different salsa schools and teams like Etown Salsa, Estilo Bachata, Cuban Movements Dance School, and attending the most important salsa congresses, Las Vegas Salsa Congress, LA Salsa Congress, San Francisco Salsa Congress, Vancouver Salsa Congress, Calgary Salsa Congress, Seattle Salsa Congress, Miami Salsa Congress, Saskatoon Salsa Congress. In 2013 he joined the Bella&Bello Dance Movement family. As a member of Bella&Bello Dance Team competed at the World Latin Dance Cup.

All this exposure to the salsa scene helped Leo to develop this passion for salsa and bachata music, and it was in 2013 when he decided to go behind the decks as a DJ. Within a year he became a constant in salsa socials, festivals and fundraisers in Edmonton, AB. It was his understanding of the music as a dancer first that made him a popular DJ amongst dancers.

He is an active member in the Saskatoon salsa scene as well and a proud member of the Bella and Bello Saskatoon Salsa family.

“For me, it’s all about bringing out the hypnotic sounds of salsa. Sounds that get your mind and body in sync with the melodies of music to magical connections on the dance floor, connections that makes you wonder how was that possible.”