Artist-a_ramirez-bachataJOSEAL & NEMI.

JOSE “Joseal” DE LA TORRE, is an enthusiastic and charismatic dancer and instructor who fell in love with kizomba 4 years ago. Since then, he has dedicated himself to learn the culture, music and dance as well as different styles within this discipline. He has trained with international instructors and attended numerous congresses in USA and abroad.
He has worked very actively in California, being part of congresses like LA Zouk Congress and Kizomba invasion, BKS, LA Bachata Festival, LA Summer Bachata Festival and taught kizomba and Semba workshops in California and in various cities in USA. He has also taught internationally in Mexico and Spain.
Joseal is as well a promoter and has been a kizomba host in various events and congresses (LA Salsa Congress, LA Grizzly Congress…)
During his first years as a dancer he worked with Angolan artist Coreon Du, appearing in his videoclip “Bailando Kizomba”.
While in LA he worked as a dancer for Angolan artist Ricardo Lemvo in shows at the Angolan Embassy and Conga room.
His latest focus has been on developing a deep understanding on Angolan culture and music, as well as learning the history of Angola and Kizomba/Semba.
Joseal’s goal is to provide with a rich and fun experience for students and allow them to fall in love with kizomba the way he did. He is committed to keep learning and master the dance as well as expanding his knowledge.
He has recently started his endeavor as a Kizomba DJ, being a regular in LA and San Diego Kizomba parties, like Kizomba Fridays (Studio Maesto) and Cape Town (San Diego). He has also Dj at congresses like Houston Salsa Congress (kizomba room), Grizzly Congress LA, BKS LA, San Francisco Bachata Congress, IE kizomba Nation weekender …
Joseal believes that kizomba is more than a dance, is a culture and a very profound and unique way to interact and build meaningful relationships with people.

NEMESI “Nemi” LOMELI, a seasoned social dancer (Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Merengue etc…) at heart, Nemi began her Kizomba journey 3 years ago. However, in that short time, she has quickly risen to become one of the top dancers in the SoCal region! She was immediately drawn to Kizomba because of the music, dance, and richness of the culture it expressed. She then invested countless hours practicing and training under the likes of Eddy Vents, T boy, Rico Suave, Jamba & Adorée, Lucia Nogueira, and others. She has assisted in different events and festivals in California i.e. BKS, San Diego BKS, LAZouk Congress etc…
Nemi has also taught in several workshops all over California spreading culture and knowledge about Kizomba and Semba.
She is a specialist in helping women find their own Ginga (Body movement expression). Nemi is also a very detailed instructor able to help students to become aware of how their own body moves as well as make them grow personally.
Nemi has been a very active member on the Kizomba Community, helping organize events in San Diego and Los Angeles as well as creating a kizomba dance community in San Diego that feels more like a family.
Nemi has recently started her journey as a Dj contributing with her great taste for music to local parties in LA and San Diego.
Her natural dancing talent, unique authentic-style, fun, Ginga and charismatic personality make her a fantastic addition to any dance congress or event.