Artist-Edwin FerrerasEDWIN FERRERAS & DAKOTA.

International Ambassador of Dominican Arts, EDWIN FERRERAS, is a Dominican-born dancer, scholar, and educator, based in New York City. He is widely popular for his innovative methods of teaching connection, musicality, cultural idioms, footwork and social dance skills, all the while encouraging his students to express themselves in their own unique way.

Edwin works with multitalented singer, actor, and dancer, DAKOTA ROMERO, who is a vital counterpart to their work in the Latin dance community. Dakota grew up in Los Angeles and has trained in ballet, hip hop, and flamenco however, following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Latin dance has always been her passion.

Together, Edwin and Dakota founded Areíto Arts, named after the all-in-one Taíno word for rhythm, song, dance, and gathering. Areíto Arts is a newly created educational dance company, focusing on Afro-Carribean rhythms and roots. Their aim is to educate students on the history, culture, growth and development of Afro-Caribbean arts, as they continue to teach and perform across the globe, captivating the world of dance.