Wayne & Kristal
Wayne Barbaza
“I grew up focusing on academics and sports, never having consistent exposure to the arts. I made a comfortable living as an engineer but realized something was missing. I needed to keep moving. It took a while to figure out my “purpose” but in 2008 … wow. I lucked out when I randomly chose to take an introductory salsa class at City Dance Corps. I was lucky because with so many schools to learn from, I really believe they were the best match for my personality and style. Tina, Estelle and Jerome became my mentors and I’ll forever consider them to be.

I’ve determined that my happiness is based a lot on staying active and eating healthy. My mind isn’t stressed and my body feels strong. Dancing is my life and I feel like my mind is bursting with information and creativity. My mission is to share this with everyone; get people off their couches and kids off their iPads. If I can inspire others to change their lives for the better, that’s a bonus. That’s what defines Bazadance”

Kristal Wei
“Dancing has always been a part of my life. Like many young girls, I started with ballet, modern and Jazz, and eventually received my teaching license. I also developed a liking to other styles like ballroom and hip-hop, and I’ll never forget when I saw a cha-cha-cha dance for the first time!

When I moved to Toronto from Trinidad, dance became secondary to what I thought was going to be my life-long career in Accounting. However, I could never totally give up dancing. I was a member of the York University Dance team and then joined a hip hop dance group for 5 years. During this time I was also introduced to Salsa dancing, which is where my passion is now. I still love my spreadsheets but I’m now choosing to live a life that makes me completely happy through teaching dance. I’m excited because both Wayne and I have the same level of passion to share and inspire. That’s why bazadance is here”