Arely Santana

ARELY Santana

Born and raised in Mexico, Arely Santana started dancing at the very young age of 12. Taught by her instructors Tony Sanches and Scarlet Sanchez, Arely’s afternoons were spent learning and practicing the steps of Salsa On1 and Bachata dance. At the age of 17, she moved to Vancouver Canada, where she expanded her dancing and learned Salsa On2 at Dance Vancouver and later continued her growth as a dancer with BachataVancouver. She partnered with Ronald Martinez where she gained further experience in Bachata, Salsa On2 and Kizomba and performed and instructed.


Arely has also traveled around Canada to teach and perform in festivals and congresses. When you see her dance you see a young, energetic and vibrant woman with great versatility. Her flow, her technique, her styling, and her movement have no limits with broad knowledge of each Salsa on1/on2, Bachata and Kizomba to the fullest!